Keep your Gadget In Good Condition 

Keeping your gadget in prime condition will help lengthen the life of your device and improve its performance. Here are some simple steps to keep your gadget in "like new" condition throughout its lifetime. 

 1.   Case 

A protective case will ensure that any accidental drops or bumps are absorbed by the case, and not the phone itself. In choosing a cases you must consider what kind appearance do you prefer in a case. Make your decision based on how you've treated your phones in the past. 

2.    Screen Protector 

Protecting your screen is always a wise investment since screen damage impacts the value of your phone more than anything else. When it comes to protecting your screen it is recommended to change the screen protector every 2-3 months when you clean your device. 

3.    Clean Kit 

Phones are more likely to carry bacteria than any other electronic gadget. Always power off your device before performing any of the cleaning steps below. 

a.)    Grab yourself a microfiber cleaning cloth and a gadget-safe cleaning solution and give the phone a good cleaning. Always spray the cleaner on the rag and never straight on the device. 

b.)    Next grab a compressed Air Can for use with electronics and clean out all the ports on the device. Spray out the headset jack, connector port, and SIM card slot. 

c.)    Re-apply your screen protector and case and power your device back on. It is also recommended to do a back-up along a cleaning monthly. 

Remember, the main thing that will keep your device in great condition is you. Just be careful with your device and take care of it as best you can. Proper care and maintenance along with the right accessories will greatly enhance the life and value of your gadgets down the road.