Multiple-Device Charger 

Just because a particular charger fits the other device doesn't mean you can use that charger to the other. Different smartphones and tablets have different volt requirements- from its voltage; it may be too few and it will take forever to charge your device. 

Like an iPhone 3GS and an iPad 3 that shares a 30-pin connector. However, their chargers output at entirely different rates. Mixing and matching won't be ruinous, but it can lead to frustration. 


a.)    Match its voltage:  Putting a fuse in an unequal circuit will blow fuses one after the other because they aren't designed to handle that amount of electrical load. It's only when the amount match does everything work as it should. 

b.)    DC chargers are now brand agnostic; if the volts, amps, and connectors are compatible, an Apple wall wart can charge an HTC just as easily as a Samsung.  

c.)    Smart chargers allows the batteries to be left unattended when charging without the fear of having them overheat and explode. 


Therefore, while you can use the same charger for multiple devices, you probably shouldn't. Not unless you want to ruin your gear, or wait a lifetime for it to recharge.