Screen Issues

Minor nicks, bumps and scratches are par somehow typical if you own an iOS device, whether children, animals or adult clumsiness are to blame. Some users said a lot of minor scratches to the metal sections of an Apple device can be buffed up or concealed with a little elbow grease. A spot of metal polish may do the trick, but some swear by toothpaste or even banana peel.  

📱 Situation Number 1: If your screen is scratched, cracked or otherwise blemished, things are more serious. Firstly, because this will affect your enjoyment of the device; and second, because the screen is a more sensitive component when it comes to repair methods. 

Begin by polishing with a soft cloth – one that comes with a pair of spectacles – and check the screen is actually damaged, not just grimy. 

📱 Situation Number 2: If the screen is severely damaged you have little choice but to get it repaired or replaced. If your iPad or iPhone is covered by an AppleCare warranty, talk to Apple first before you involve anybody else in repairing your device. The reason is quite simple: the second anybody other than Apple takes apart your device, the warranty is gone – there’s no question about that. 

To save money, sometimes going to a third party makes sense.