Knowing Smartphone 

Smartphones are undeniably very helpful these days. And it is very interesting to know what can this little friend of you can do.  

📱 It can close running apps quickly 

You can use the default task manager in Android to deal with running apps. It also lets you manage all of your running apps with a couple of taps. 

📱 It can auto-correct all the words you'll use 

Auto-correct cannot possibly know all the words but you can add new ones quickly and easily. When you type a word, look for the ‘+’ sign below the text field, tap it and the word will be added to your dictionary for future use. The more words you add, the more accurate your typing will become. 

📱 Switch between keyboards  

Simply press and hold the ‘123’ button on the keyboard. You will be given the list of all the keyboards installed from where you can choose the desired one in just about a second. 

📱 Control Your Screen 

Go to Settings > Applications > Development and check the ‘Stay awake’ option to keep the screen on during charging. 

📱 Reinstall a paid app 

You can reinstall a paid app from the Android Market. Go to  ‘My Market Account’ >  orders tab which include a list of the purchased apps. You can choose an app and then tap ‘Install’ to complete the process. Google Play does not charge you for reinstalling an app. 

📱 Easy to update latest version of Android on phone 

Go to Settings > About phone > ‘System software updates’ > click ‘Check now’. You will be notified if any new updates are available or all the updates have already been installed on your phone.