The After-Cracked 

(Practical thing one should do after cracking their smartphone's screen) 


 You save your money to the extent cause you want to have that dream smartphone of yours. Yet, no matter how careful we are, there are things that we can't avoid. Like being too careful with your expensive smartphones yet still accident like dropping off your phone's really inevitable. Worst thing, you phone screen suddenly said 'goodbye'. 

So, in that case, let's face it. Don't cry too much over a spilled milk. Here are practical ways to do if your smartphone's screen break. 


    Perform a DIY Repair 

No, you don’t need a new phone. In fact, you can simply just replace the screen yourself. If you head on over to a site, where there are several tutorials to get you started (as well as the parts you need). Benefits of this solution include the affordability and – if you’re the type – a feeling of accomplishment. Cons, of course, include the chance that you might mess something up. So be careful doing this way. 

‼️  Hire Someone To Do The Repair 

While you could take your phone to the official manufacturer – say, for instance, the Apple Store – you’re going to pay through your nose. If you take a look at Apple’s repair fees, you’ll see that they are pretty darn pricey if you’re out-of-warranty. 

Little phone repair shops are popping up everywhere, and an easy Google search is bound to guide you to one. The point is that phone screen repair exists, and it’s also somewhat affordable. 

‼️  Trade-in or  Sell Your Broken Phone 

Even thought your phone has a screen that has been completely destroyed, this doesn’t mean you can’t sell it. While it always varies, chances are you aren’t going to make much of a profit. However, the idea is to use that cash towards a replacement phone so that you can get it at a lower price. 

It’s going to be easier for these companies to repair these phones since they likely have staffers and replacement parts in bulk, so they can spend less on the repair. This allows them to buy your broken phone for a lower price, fix it at low cost, and flip it for a marginal profit. Easy stuff. 

‼️  Scout Around eBay or Amazon 

Yep, you may find a cheaper, older version of your phone on these sites – just pay attention to what you’re buying. Is it working? Does it actually have a functioning screen? :) 

‼️  Just Buy a New One 

Sometimes the most blatant answer is never given: just buy a new phone. Sometimes it’s good to splurge on yourself. Furthermore, the cost of a replacement phone plus the eventual new one you will get is actually more than just buying a new one right out the gate. Just keep long-term investments in mind.