What's the Problem, Smartphone?

Most smart phones mess up that it seems too complicated to handle at that moment but actually their solutions are really simple. Here are the other set of common android phone problems that users have encountered and their simple yet effective solutions:

📱 Water Problem
Take the battery out as quickly as possible and dry as many parts of the phone as you can then leave it for 72 hours in a dry room. Try it again, it may work.

📱 Make the text on my Android smartphone bigger
Go to  message settings and use ‘Set text size’ option to increase the size of the displayed text.

📱 Update apps automatically
Go to Google Play > Menu > ‘My Apps’ > select an app and choose auto-update option for trusted apps only. This option can be seen half-way down the screen.

📱 Hide search history.
Go to www.google.com/history in your Android browser and login. Here you can choose to remove your previous searches and not to save future searches.

📱 Taking screenshots
Some smartphones will let you press the back key and the home button twice to take screenshots but the method varies for different android phone models.

📱 Download music directly to phone or tablet
You can install Amazon MP3 from Google Play  which lets you purchase and install MP3 files directly to your phone without the need of a PC.