Sign of Signal

What's the use of your new and latest model phone if there will be problem reaching signal. Your iPhone will be useless if there's signal. And here were three solutions to get a good cell coverage service on iPhone

Fix 1: Use Reset All Settings

How it works: From your Apple iPhone, go to the following: Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. Before you click on the “Reset All Settings” you should know what it does.

Reset All Settings will reset your device’s settings without erasing data. It will wipe out network configuration, passwords of WiFi network and minor changes.

Fix 2: Disable Data Roaming

How it works: Disable data roaming by going to the following: Settings -> Cellular -> Data Roaming.

If you have activated or turned ON roaming option, then disable it and see if it solves the signal issues. 

Fix 3: Pick Carrier Manually

How it works: Go to Settings -> Carrier -> Disable Automatic selection and look for the network carrier manually.

Apple iPhone will now search for the right carrier and show you a list (if any) of network carriers you have to choose. That’s it!