It's Hot

Some people said iPhone is a tiny little computer you carry around with you everywhere you go. However, unlike your computer, your iPhone doesn’t have a fan, or any moving parts for that matter. That’s not a problem, until something goes wrong like you feel just a little warmer than it should, and other times the back of your iPhone became so hot it felt like it might burn your hand. 

The following might be the reason why your phone's so hot: 

📱    Its CPU is revved up to 100%, all the time : Your iPhone’s CPU is so powerful that it rarely uses 5% of its capacity. When you open an app like Safari, just like accelerating from a stop, your iPhone uses more CPU to get things going but very little once the app is loaded. 

📱    In 99% of cases, when your iPhone is hot, you have a software problem : One of your apps has gone rogue and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out which app is misbehaving and put a stop to it. 

📱    If you dropped your phone in a bucket of water and then it started overheating, you may have a hardware problem.  

So, before doing some actions, think what might be the reason of the situation.