The Power Thief 
(How to Get Better Battery Life from Your Android Phone) 
One major problems of smartphone users, or just even phone users, is the power or the life of their phones – the batteries. Sometimes life even throw you some jokes that suddenly your phone just get died just when you needed them most. 
There are quite a few settings and features on your phone that will drain battery life, sometimes without your even realizing it. 
Here are the settings that are most likely killing your battery, and how to turn them off when you don't need them. 

⚠️Your Screen 
Your screen draws by far the most battery from your device. The best way to minimize your screen's battery usage is to turn the brightness down. By default, your phone should be on "Auto" brightness, which works, but might still use up more juice than you'd like. 

⚠️Cellular Data 
Unfortunately, one of the biggest battery killers—especially if you live or work with bad service—is your cellular and data connection. Whether you've got a fancy new 4G phone or a standard 3G unit, your data will use up battery even if you aren't actively using the phone. 

When you have Wi-Fi networks around, use them. They'll automatically turn off your data connection and use Wi-Fi instead, which is better for battery life than cellular data. However, when you aren't around Wi-Fi, it'll actually drain your battery by constantly searching for networks to connect to.  

Having Bluetooth on kills battery just like Wi-Fi does. If you don't use a Bluetooth headset, just turn Bluetooth off entirely. 

Everyone hates on GPS as a huge battery killer, but it probably isn't as bad as the others since it's unlikely that you're always using it. GPS only turns on (and drains battery) when you use it for something, like Google Maps or turn-by-turn navigation.