Smart Phone's Problems and Solutions

Here are the most common problems of smartphones and their solutions:

☑️Frozen Android phone 
Simple. You just need to restart your phone to refresh a frozen android phone.

☑️Smartphone Wi-Fi does not remain connected
Just go to Wi-Fi > Settings > Menu > Advanced and choose to stay connected to Wi-Fi during sleep.

☑️Running out of memory
Among other reasons, the most prominent problem can be a full cache which affects the efficient running of apps. You can download apps like Cache Cleaner or Clean Master from Google Play to clean the cache for specific apps. This will free up some memory to resolve the issue. You will also have to either uninstall or move apps to an external SD card to free up more physical memory.

☑️My SD card is no longer recognized
SD cards can get corrupted and the most effective solution is to reformat them using a desktop or laptop PC.  It works more often than trying to format it on the phone itself.

☑️Screen is difficult to see in bright sunlight
You can increase screen brightness to maximum or use ‘anti-glare’ screen protector to see the screen in bright sunlight.

☑️Removing Apps
Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and then select the app you wish to uninstall. Now tap the Uninstall icon to remove the app.

☑️Screen has cracked. Should buy a new phone?
Cracked screens can be replaced as most phones have parts available from various suppliers both online and offline. Bigfoot Repair are experts on that problem,we are ready to help you.

☑️Entering password takes forever!
Go to Settings > Security > Set up screen lock > choose enter a pattern rather than a password. Pattern is quicker and securer than a password.

☑️Location is not always accurate in maps
Go to Settings > Location > check ‘Use GPS satellites’ and this will ensure much greater accuracy when navigating.

☑️Wipe my Android smartphone completely
Go to Settings > SD & Phone storage > Factory Data Restore. Go through the process twice to be completely sure that everything has been removed.