Extending Memory
(Simple ways to increase your Android phone’s RAM)

One main problem of phone users is its phone’s memory space. Others may take much time deciding which phone will fit for their lifestyle. Yet there are ways that aren’t complicated that will help you fix the struggle. In this section, we will discuss some simple ways to increase your phone’s memory.
(for unrooted phone)

📱 Limit widgets and live wallpapers
Widgets and live wallpapers are both pretty greedy when it comes to RAM usage. Many refresh often and occupy bandwidth, while some are continuously active. This can also cause your battery to drain faster. So remember to limit the number of them in effect to optimize your current available memory.

📱 Disable applications
Some applications take up RAM even if they aren't currently being used, so you're getting all the downsides of unnecessary RAM use without anything to show for it. Organizing which apps should and should not be running in the background can take time. Organizing which apps should and should not be running in the background can take time, but it's worth it to improve your smartphone performance. 

📱 Disable animations
Animations often steal RAM and are quite inessential; you can manage these in the developer options. To enable Developer Options on your device, go to your Settings, then About Phone and then tap on the build number about seven times until it notifies you that you have become a developer. 

💡Once you have done this, go back into your phone settings and scroll down to Developer Options. Next, go into the Drawing section and turn off the following options. Your RAM will thank you for it:

 Window animation scale
 Transition animation scale
 Animator duration scale