Love Your Batteries

One sure problem people always complain... Smartphone battery life doesn’t last forever. So how can you stall that powerless feeling for as long as possible? 
Here are our top 10 battery tips you can do before you leave home, as well as when you are away and don’t have a charger: 

📍Carry a spare charger that doesn’t require an outlet 
For optimal charging, use the approved wall charger for your device.  

📍Pamper your battery 
Keep the ports where your battery plugs into your device clean. Don’t let your device get hotter than about 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and limit your usage outside in colder weather, too. For additional reassurance or to give your hot battery a break, you might consider carrying a spare that you can pop in when you’re caught in the red, consider doing anything and let your phone charge 

📍Upgrade your device 
Newer smartphones have considerably longer-lasting batteries than older phones. But it's all depending on your usage. 

Turn off Wi-Fi and GPS when not in use. Keep the screen as dim as you can stand it, and close apps when you are done with them so they don’t run in the background. Extend the refresh time: Set your email to get new messages every 15 minutes (or even longer) rather than as soon as they arrive on the server. And whenever possible, put your device to sleep. 

📍Turn off push notification 
Turn off push notifications when you need to conserve energy and disable location-based services when not in use. 
📍Don’t turn it off 
A power cycle will reboot the device, and will turn off any apps that could be inadvertently running in the background and draining the battery. 

📍Charge it 
But not too often. For optimum performance, “reboot” your battery whenever you can by waiting to charge until the battery is down to about 10 percent. Then, fill ’er up to 100 percent. Try to avoid overcharging it except for newer devices, which is recommended. 

📍Have a tablet? Drain its battery regularly 
For optimum battery performance in a tablet, once a month, let your battery drain completely before recharging. It appreciates the exercise.