Picture Perfect:
How to Improve Mobile Camera Quality

Although we are already at the height of mobile camera modernization, there are still some difficulties that we encounter, like even our 13-megapixel mobile camera can’t still capture the best scenery.  

With the right settings & a few handy tips though, a cell phone camera can take some fantastic shots. Even if you have a pretty crummy camera phone, following some of the guidelines below will greatly improve your chances of snapping a decent photo. 
📱Selecting a legit camera Application

Yes, this is bloody obvious & common but still some people tend to install camera apps that are quite incompetent in terms of capturing a legitimate picture. You can actually review in Play Store or in Apple Store which is the apps that hit the highest rating & you can also check their recommendation.  

📱Check the Optical Zoom (and Turn it off!) 

Digital zoom might make you feel like you're getting closer to your subject, but all that feature really does is crop your resolution and expand the image. You're better off shooting the photo at full resolution (by turning the zoom off) & cropping it later. 

📱Take time to decide to shoot a Portrait or a Landscape. 

Virtually every mobile camera on the market is built to compose and shoot images in landscape mode, and only on occasion will you shoot in portrait mode by turning the camera on its side. Landscape mode is actually better and capturing the best shot, so always makes the portrait mode as the second option. 

📱Always follow the Light! 

Slow shutter speeds are the ultimate cause of blurry images but you can significantly reduce if you take a shot on a well-lit room. The more light you have the less time you had to expose the image sensor which will decrease the amount of movement the sensor will experience. 

📱Shoot at the best Quality! 

Most mobile cameras at default are not set on the highest quality mode so make sure you set first the camera setting at its maximum resolution to achieve an amazing image quality. 

📱Remember, it is always the Concept. 

Learn some basic composition like: Rule of Third, Bird’s Eye view, Worm’s Eye view, Leading lines, Scale, Etc. Once you think you’ve got the rules of composition down; you should break them by playing with other aspects like lighting and angles. That would make you an instant Artist!