Battery Check-up  

Most phone users prefer to spend their money on their phone's physical appearance – buying expensive glass cover. There are those users who focus more on their phone's 'internal appearance' – downloaded applications, cool theme/wallpaper. 

But those are all useless if your phone isn't functioning well after all. So now let's focus to the part of your phone who needs more of your attention. The battery. Let's check the health of your battery by: 

Start by opening your cell phones dial pad and type in *#*#4636#*#*.  

Look for and open the option that says Battery Information. 

You should then see quite a bit of information about your battery including: 

📱Battery Status: should show whether the device is charging or if the battery is full. 

📱Power Plug: shows how the device is charging, AC (wall charger), USB (computer) etc. 

📱Battery Level: shows what percentage the battery is charged. 

📱Battery Scale: should read “100”. 

📱Battery Health: should say “Good”. If your Androids Battery Health shows “unknown” or “unknown error” then your phones battery might be having issues. If you see anything other than “Good” then there is a good chance the battery itself is defective. 

📱Battery Voltage: The voltage for the battery of an Android cell phone is usually around 3.7V-4.2V. 

📱Battery Temperature: If the batteries temperature is above normal then it would likely indicate the battery is heating up but if the battery temperature doesn’t seem to be too hot then the issue could be that the phone itself is heating up. 

📱Battery Technology: usually just shows Li-ion (because of the common Lithium Ion batteries found in the majority of Android devices). 

📱Time Since Boot: shows the amount of time since you last booted up or turned on the phone. 

If you type in *#*#4636#*#* and nothing happens then this feature code may not be available on your specific smartphone and if you want to have access to these battery statistics you are likely going to need to download a third party application from the Android Play Store.