Hidden Mobile Truths that You Need to Check

We might be somewhat knowledgeable to some basic and simple processes undergoing beneath our phone like how it consumes data, signal, & battery power etc. but there are considerable hidden few that affects phone performance and it’s hidden there the all-time!

What I am trying to say is that majority of these hidden facts are causing your phone to deteriorate faster while some are silently robbing your credits or jeopardize your security; and of course this will ultimately cause inconvenience. However, these things are absolutely controllable and the only way you can control it is (guess what?) to avoid it.

-> Weak Signal Drains Battery

Phones use more power when they’re trying to access a weak network signal. In fact, just leaving your phone on in area with little or no signal can completely drain your battery in a handful of hours—even if you never touch your phone.

-> Videos Robs Data Budget

It’s easy to burn through the 2-gigabyte monthly allowance of typical data plans. For example, a single HD movie could eat up 700 megabytes of data—or more than a third of that 2-gigabyte budget. Try to use your phone’s Wi-Fi connection instead of the data connections when you’re doing these things.

-> Intermittent Usage Causes Fast Aging

According to Centricos; using your phone unspontaneous than usual could fasten phone deterioration esp. when there are background apps left unattended. Those apps will only consume RAM even though not used. Try to close every unimportant apps when you are about to put your phone on idle mode.

-> Critical Battery Levels can cause Battery & Phone Deterioration

When your smartphones reach zero %, aka- the lowest of lows, it can cause damage internally with the phone. According to Gizmodo, smartphone batteries should never go below 40 %and above 80 %. He also said it should always be unplugged before it reaches 100 % because a battery overcharge can wear your battery out.

-> Location Security

While using your data by default; the Map/Location affiliated app is constantly airing your current location and it is automatically linked to your social media apps. Although this has nothing to do phone processes, but it could lessen your privacy.

-> Cleaners – Not Cleaners

If you ever think that installing ‘App management’ apps could make your phone achieve better performance; well, it’s somehow not that true at all. Simple, it only consumes more processing since it is linked to all apps that your phone has. Better try to manage it manually using your own intuition.

-> Passive Browser Tabs Consumes Data Heavily

Quite obvious but overlooked. Consider checking all the tabs that your phone processes while using data. Multiple browser tabs consumes more data than social media apps.