Are You Rooted?

Sure thing about having a good phone is that we want it become more better or even want it becomes best. Some of us want it to be customized. That’s why there were phone users who were engage in making their phones rooted.

Most of us do not want to completely change all of the software that the phone manufacturer created. While, there were some just want certain apps to have complete access in order to offer functionality that may be locked away. That’s why they make their phones ‘Rooted’.

Now, here’s a way on how to know if you’re phone is rooted or not:

First, head to Google Play and download a terminal client app, if you don’t have one already on your phone. Launch the app and you should get the well-known terminal interface with a text entry prompt.

Now, check the character right before your entry prompt.

If there’s a pound sign (#) then you’re rooted

Is there a dollar sign? If so, type in su and hit enter. Should the dollar sign change into a pound sign (#), then you’re rooted! During that process, you might see a popup asking you to give the terminal app superuser permissions, which you should grant.