Boost Your Home Signal
[How to boost your signal at home]

One sure main purpose of mobile phones is to allow us to be in contact no matter where we are, however for others the devices can be headache or the source of all the difficulties.

Poor signal is one of the most frustrating incidents of modern life as calls suddenly drop out at the middle of the conversation and text messages refuse to send.
But, good thing, there are a few simple tricks that will help us to stay connected by everybody.

-> First, it is important to find out how strong your signal actually is. You cannot have a strong signal if you don’t have a good signal.

-> Using your phone’s signal strength, walk around your house to look for the areas with the strongest signal. This can help you identify the areas that give the best reception.

-> By opening a window, you can increase the strength of the signal reaching your phone. 

-> Try to ensure you phone is pointing in the right direction towards the tower you are connected to.

-> The higher you are, the less there is in the way to block to signal so going upstairs to make phone calls can make the signal better.

-> Try using a hands-free headset or earphones so you can avoid having to grip your phone around the antenna at all. 

-> For some householders, the problem may lie with the mobile phone network they are using. Some providers have better coverage than others, especially in rural areas. So better switch providers.

-> Get a signal booster. Some mobile networks will provide devices that connect to your mobile broadband, allowing you to make calls as normal on your phone.

There are what we called third party gadgets called signal boosters, or repeaters, that pick up weak signals outdoors and produce a full powered signal indoors.

So the next time before you get frustrated having poor signal, try those steps or ways to avoid having a bad day.