Difficulty Cracked - Wi-Fi Problem 

‘Can you increase Wi-Fi reception on a mobile device?’ Well this is a very popular question to most mobile users specifically to those who heavily use social media. In fact this is as common to some questions raised within this era of gadgets. But can you really improve your mobile internet connection at home? Without spending more with your current internet providers plan? Through this segment I’ll show you some basic Wi-Fi problem that you can solve using the popular remedies; compiled throughout the net. 

📢Multiple Users equals to Multiple Pulls 

This is very applicable to large home complex like apartments where multiple people uses the same wireless network. All sources point out that the best remedy for this is to get Wi-Fi extender. Getting this device doesn’t mean you need to promote your internet plan, it does only add a ploy hardwired to the main gateway so that Wi-Fi strength will be even throughout your location.  

📢Others are Good, Mines bad 

You’re using the same network with your friend, her connections is excellent yours are worst. This is situation is pretty common and obviously the problem is on the settings of your phone. Here’s something you need to check, or perhaps change. 

📢Wi-Fi Frequency Band: Set it to auto. 

📱Passive-Active Apps: Turn-off those apps that are silently running on the background  

📱Physical Obstruction: Check if your phone case is blocking the signal receptor 

📱Stubborn Browsers: At some point, it might be your browser; consider installing anew. 

📱Signal Boosters: Consider particular types of apps; some of them are actually legit. 

📱Tiring Multiple Processes: Your phone might be fed up all day; do a reboot. 

📢Location = Solution 

This is a brutal fact. Not all location in your house could actually grasp the maximum strength of your network. Pretty basic: the farther you are; the worst it could get. But as mention above, this problem could be eliminated using extra router or Wi-Fi extender. 

📢Technological Obstructions 

Walls & ceilings might be the most common blockers of Wi-Fi signal, but do not overlook other physical entities in your house like your appliances. Several of them are actually emitting radio waves that could somehow jam your wireless network. Consider turning them off if not used. 

📢Power Competition 

Your phone uses a lot of battery power when using internet through Wi-Fi, hence when your battery drops down it also limits the power used to hold on to the network you were using. As long as you don’t let your batteries drop down below 20%, then you’re still good. 

📢Media Failure 

At some point, it might not be the problem of your Wi-Fi nor your phone but the media you’re using that consumes data. Some media like Facebook may perhaps run slow not because of your network but the accumulated memory stored to this app., if this is really the case then you need to consider reinstalling it.